What is it ml_ipod?
ml_ipod is a plugin for Winamp 5.x which allows you to manage your iPod using the Winamp Media Library.
What Can It Do?
It features:
What happened up to now?
Have a look at the changelog
Where can I learn more?
The documentation wiki will probably answer all your question - check it out...
Who are we?
Development is currently lead by Achim Bursian. Former lead developer was Will Fisher. The project was started by Christophe Thibault and Justin Frankel. Copy to hard drive feature by Daniel Green. Other people to contribute along the way include Regis Nebor, Darren Owen, barto and ibi. mliPod uses code from gtkPod, to whom we are forever in debt. David Serrano made and maintains this website. Along with Eric Caoili as the logomaster extrodinaire.
Please use these ways of communication with the developers:

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