The ml_iPod project needs financial help!

First, let me say thanks to all donators who made it possible to order an iPhone,
so that ml_iPod support for this new device is now possible.

So if you like ml_iPod and want it to have a future, here is your chance to help.

Donate 2 $

Donate 3 $

Donate 4 $

Donate 5 $

Donate 2 EUR

Donate 3 EUR

Donate 4 EUR

Donate 5 EUR

Donate other amount

Donate 5$ or more via SourceForge

You can donate as much as you want. If it is 5$ or more, you should do it via the SourceForge donation system. That way 5% of your donation (but at least 1 $) goes to the SourceForge site, where the source code and distribution of ml_iPod is kept free of charge.

Thanks a lot for supporting the project!

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