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The ml_iPod main view in the Winamp Media Library and the configuration dialog

Welcome to the ml_ipod support Wiki


Registration has been closed due to spam. If you want to have an account and help the ml_iPod community, just ask in the forum!

ml_ipod is a Winamp plug-in that allows extensive support for the iPod. The ml_ipod main site can be found here Over time, a complete documentation of all the ml_iPod features should show up below. That depends on your help, please add pages or edit existing ones.

If you don't find what you are looking for, please try the search in the sidebar!

The iPod plugin for Winamp (ml_iPod)

If you prefer, you can see the whole documentation on one large page

Important note: This Wiki is about the ml_iPod plugin. Starting with Winamp 5.2, the Winamp distribution contains a different iPod handling system, which is part of the generic portable music player support (pmp). For a comparison between the two plugins, see ml_iPod versus pmp_iPod

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