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This should be named "ml_iPod versus pmp_iPod", but syntax of the Wiki causes loss of all underscores and capitalizes the first letter

Starting with Winamp 5.2, Nullsoft bundles a new iPod support plugin directly with the Winamp installer. It is called pmp_ipod and is planned as a replacement of the old and unflexible ml_iPod. Unfortunately, at the moment it has not reached the feature richness of ml_iPod yet.

This table tries to compare the two iPod plugins. Feel free to add or correct here. Then choose the plugin that fits your needs best.

The compared versions are ml_iPod v3.00 and the ml_pmp version that comes with Winamp 5.35

ml_iPod ml_pmp / pmp_ipod
Bundled with Winamp no yes, 5.2 and above
License OpenSource, zlib license, code freely available at SourceForge Closed Source, property of Nullsoft
Download site SourceForge
First official release 2003 (?) Winamp 5.2, released in Feb 2006
Support through forum and SourceForge bug tracker, quick response through individual patches by Winamp/Nullsoft staff through forum, updates only with main Winamp updates
Forum link ml_iPod forum Main thread, Support
Common Portables User Interface no same user interface as with mass storage, playsforsure, activesync and creative devices
Unicode Support no (won't be done) yes
Regular playlists yes yes
Sync specific playlists yes yes
Smart playlists yes (standard and live) no smart playlists on the iPod, but option to sync winamp Smart Views to a regular playlist
Sync specific smart views yes yes
Copy songs from iPod to HD yes yes
Transfer queue no (often wanted, but to much work to change all the code for such a feature. Sorry) yes, shared among all PMP devices. Can add files to transfer queue while transfers are in progress
Podcasts yes, iPod Podcasts menu is used yes, iPod Podcasts menu is used
Audiobook features yes: select by genre, bookmarkable, retain playback position, extra gain no, current playback position on iPod is lost when running pmp_ipod
Support for audiobooks (*.aa files) yes: copy to iPod, extract cover art no
Cover art yes, since v2.00

Get cover art from folder.jpg or ID3v2 tags (not from M4A tags)

yes, since Winamp 5.36 beta
Autofill yes yes
Lyrics yes, if ID3 tag contains lyrics, they are shown on the iPod (works only with MP3 files, not M4A) no
Repair iPod functions yes no
Formatting iPod yes no, must use Apples iPod updater
Replay Gain yes, two possibilities to choose from:

Converting the RG values of Winamp to the iPod's internal soundcheck feature, or running mp3gain directly on the iPod files

yes, Converts the RG values of Winamp to the iPod's internal soundcheck feature
Volume boost yes no
Global Hotkeys yes: Eject, Sync, SmartSync ratings, Copy currently playing song to iPod, Refresh all Smart Playlists, Copy Play Counts and Ratings yes: Eject, Sync, Autofill
Video transfer (*.mp4) yes. Type of video can be given by folder or by special comment tags yes
Motorola SmartPhone support yes, SLVR and ROKR no
Transcoding yes, includes possibility to transcode if bitrate is above a given limit yes, includes possibility to transcode if bitrate is above a given limit
Renaming iPod yes yes
Automatic sync upon connection yes, since v2.01p08 yes, with adjustable time interval
Gapless playback yes, since v2.01 (only 5.5G iPods); since 2.03 even on Nano 2G yes support (audioscrobbler) yes, since v2.02 no
different icons for playlists, smart playlists and podcasts yes, since v2.03 no
photo uploads, photo albums yes, since v2.04p41 no

iPhone and iPod touch supported yes, since v3.02p40, see iPhone no
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