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There are some special settings that can not be controlled in the GUI. They are for very special cases, or even for debugging purposes. To change these settings, you have to edit one of two INI files:

To edit one of them, open the file in a text editor (Notepad is ok, no MS-Word!) and save it (as plain ASCII). For a description of INI files in general see the Wikipedia page.

Only edit the ini-files while Winamp is NOT running!

Be careful that you always have only one line with a given keyword. That means, if there is already a line "handlePodcasts=1" and you don't want to have this, you have to edit this line and not add a new one with "handlePodcasts=0".

Entries with type bool must have a value of 0 (which means 'no') or 1 (which is 'yes' or 'true').

iPod ini-file

The iPod ini-file is found on your iPod, under X:\iPod_control\iTunes\ml_ipod.ini (X: being the drive letter of your iPod). For mobile phones it is under "X:\itunes\iTunes_Control\iTunes\ml_ipod.ini"

To edit it, you should close Winamp, then attach your iPod and navigate to that folder in Explorer. This folder is usually hidden in Windows Explorer, you may have to enable "Show hidden files and folders" in Explorer (Folder options->View->Advanced settings)

On an iPhone or iPod touch, editing it is different, because you don't have access to the filesystem of the iPod. In this case, attach your iPod and run Winamp with ml_ipod. After your iPod's content shows up, you can locate a copy of the ml_ipod.ini named ml_ipod_C.ini in your %TEMP% folder. Edit this file, then eject the iPod in Winamp. After the next connect, the settings will take effect.

All important entries are under the header

Entry Description Type Default
handlePodcasts Create a Podcasts playlist and fill the Podcasts menu on iPod bool 1
autoDeletePlaylists delete playlists from iPod if not marked for sync (only if name matches) bool 1
patchEmptyAlbum tracks without album name get a fake album "-"
to work around a bug in the iPod formware
bool 1
writeSortedIndex Write sorted lookup table for faster menus on iPod bool 1
prefixAlbumsWithYear On iPod, every Albumname gets prefixed with [yyyy] bool 0
debugFakeTransfer For debugging only; create 0 byte mp3 files bool 0
readMhsd2 read the obsolete MHSD type 2 instaed of type 3 from iTunesDB bool 0
transcode2 Hack: transcode MP3s with > 128kbps to 128kbps with lame.exe bool 0
ignorePlayCountsMarker Hack: accept all rating settings from iPod (except 0), even if marker flag is not set correctly by the iPod firmware bool 0
transcodeWavFiles transcode WAV files to a compressed file format bool 1
transcodeFlacFiles transcode FLAC files to a compressed file format bool 1
recreateMplAtRead during connect, force rebuild of the master playlist (this is set automatically to 1 if there are parse errors while reading the DB) bool 0
showParseDatabaseDlg while parsing the database at connect, show a dialog telling "parsing database..." (starting with v2.03) bool 1
videosBookmarkable keep playback position for videos. Value 0=no, 1=for newly transferred videos, 2=for all, even those that are already on the iPod (starting with v2.03p17) int 1
titleFormat Advanced title formatting int 0
titleFormatString Advanced title formatting String ""
fwid if ml_iPod doesn't recognize your iPod Classic How To string empty
compAlbArtist1 'album artist' is compared to this string; if they match, the track is considered part of a compilation even without the [C] tag (starting with v3.02p30) string "Various"
compAlbArtist2 see compAlbArtist1 string "Various artists"
showAfterSyncHint iPhone/iTouch: show the hint to run AfterSync after eject (since 3.02p35) bool 1
plFoldersAsNotes (since 3.04p03) optionally switch on the mechanism to write a playlist folder hierarchy to the iPod notes section. That is for iPod models before the classic that don't support hierarchical playlist folders in their firmware. more info 0=off, 1=on, show only playlists in the iPod notes, 2=on, but show regular notes as well int 0
usePodcastRatingHack (since 3.08p04) most iPods need a special flag to enable podcast rating. nano 4G seems to mess it up. You can set this to 0 if you get problems bool 1

All other entries should be left untouched, most of them can be edited via the preferences dialog.

Example for an added line (transcodeWavFiles):


Winamp ini-file

The Winamp ini-file is usually found as "C:\Documents and Settings\loginname\Application Data\Winamp\Winamp.ini". Exception: If you did not choose "separate settings for each user" during the Winamp setup (=old style setup, same settings for all users), it can be found under "C:\Program files\Winamp\winamp.ini"

It contains settings that are global for all attached iPods, not specific to one device.

In winamp.ini, there is a lot of configuration data for all kinds of plugins. Everything that is related to ml_iPod is grouped under the heading [ml_ipod]. Make sure that you only add or edit stuff in this section!

Entry Description Type Default
detectAll Check for iPods on all drive letters bool 0
detectAllCyclic If set, check all drive letters cyclically, otherwise do it only once at Winamp startup
This has no effect if detectAll is not set.
bool 1
debugAAlicense Debug license handling bool 0
traceflags Controls trace output in debuglog.txt
This is a bit-coded integer field
int 0
ejectOnQuit Automatically eject iPod when Winamp closes bool 1
useDevEject Use external deveject.exe to really eject the iPod (since 2.03p04) bool 1 (0 since 2.04p26)
saveGaplessData Cache "gapless playback" data in a cache file on disk bool 1
ignoreLogicalDrivesResult Try to read all drives, even if Windows thinks this is no logical drive (patch for Windows misbehaviour with some USB cards) bool 0
useOldPlaylistSort Use the old method to sort playlists, which causes unwanted tree view refreshes bool 0
showParseDatabaseDlg while parsing the database at connect, show a dialog telling "parsing database..." (starting with v2.03p01, this can be set to 0 either as a global or iPod setting) bool 1
selectIpodOnConnect automatically select a newly conneced iPod bool 1
useNde use NDE for SPL queries, not the ML (0=no, only ML queries, 1=only NDE, 2=NDE and ML query as fallback) int 2
photoGammaAdj gamma correction for photo uploads (only used for TV out) float 0.9
writeAtEjectOnly if set to 0, ml_ipod tries to write the database not only at eject, but also after transfer of files or reordering of playlists bool 0
suspendItunesHelper (since 3.02p25) try to suspend Apple's iTunesHelper.exe while we run, prevents iTunes from auto-opening bool 1
quicktimeSysDir (since 3.02p25) overwrite directory where to find the QuickTime.qts file string none
amdSysDir (since 3.02p25) overwrite directory where to find the AppleMobileDevice.dll file string none
albumArtMaxMB (since 3.03p05) set the maximum size in MB that the ArtworkDB can get. This is a limitation due to bad SW design and Windows API problems :-( int 14
allowIphoneFw2x (since 3.07p01) allow read/write access to iPhones with firmware 2.x (experimental) bool 0

All other entries should be left untouched, most of them can be edited via the preferences dialog.

Example for two added lines (detectAllCyclic and traceflags):

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