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The Tools menu

To access the iPod tools, right click on your iPod in the Media Library and hover over "iPod Tools". The sections below assume the iPod Tools menu is open.


Rename iPod

Renaming an iPod will change the name that is displayed in the Media Library -> Devices section for that iPod. The name change will also be reflected in Windows Explorer and iTunes.

Normalize volume (mp3gain) for all songs

MP3Gain Menu

Using mp3gain, ml_iPod will normalize the volume of all songs to the same volume, by modifying the mp3 tracks directly on the iPod. mp3gain must be correctly installed on your PC for this.

This feature is superseded by Replay Gain usage now. It is here mainly for historical reasons. And there is one scenario where you still need it: If your iPod does not support the ReplayGain adjustments. As far as I know, only the shuffle suffers from this lack of capabilities. For all other iPods, don't use this option!

Remove songs not in ML

If any song is found to be on the iPod that is not in the Media Library's database, the song will be removed from the iPod.

Copy to hard drive all songs not in ML

If a song is found to be on the iPod that is not in the Media Library's database, the song will be transferred to the hard drive.

Sync all ML smart views to smart playlists

Smart views can be found under the Local Media section of the Media Library. When using this function, all of the smart views under Local Media will be mirrored onto the iPod as Smart Playlists.

Full database cleanup (part 1-3)

Instead of running the database cleanup tools separately, all three can be ran consecutively. The cleanup status (for the full and individual cleanups) can be seen at the bottom of the main interface of ml_iPod in the Media Library.

Cleanup part 1: Remove orphaned database entries

This will scan the iPod's database for track entries where the corresponding *.mp3, *.m4a or *.mp4 file is no longer on the iPod. Such entries are removed from the database.

Cleanup part 2: Database contents check

This feature will scan the database to make sure each file on the iPod still matches the data in the database (trackname, artist...) This is a lenghty process, because every file has to be opened and scanned for ID3 tags.

Cleanup part 3: Probe for lost songs

Probing for lost songs will scan through the iPod's music folders and check whether or not each file has an entry in the iPod's database. If a corresponding entry is not found, it will be added. Thus "lost songs" that are not listed in the iPod menus but are still on the device will be recovered.

Fix corrupt timestamps in ML

Older versions (v1.1..v1.32) of ml_iPod had a bug that caused wrong timestamps in the iPod database as well as in the Media Library. This feature will fix timestamps that were affected by this bug. The "Smart sync ratings" feature is dependant on correct timestamps.

Backup (To Be Modified)

This is Where Backup options can be selected
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