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Installing ml_iPod


  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • Winamp Full (Version 5 is recommended. Winamp versions 2 and 3 are not supported.)
    • This includes gen_ml.dll - The Media Library needs to be installed when Winamp Full is installed to be able to access ml_iPod.
  • One USB or Firewire port

Installing ml_iPod

  1. Make sure Winamp is closed.
  2. Find the ml_ipod installer and open it. (Most often named iPod_Support_vxx.exe). You can download the latest FULL version of ml_ipod here
  3. Choose your language
    Language dialog
  4. Choose the destination you would like the plug-in to be installed. This must be the directory where your Winamp.exe resides, which is checked in the setup procedure.
    Choose directory dialog
  5. If pmp_ipod.dll is detected at the time of ml_iPod's installation, this step will help prevent the destruction of your iPod's database. The two plug-ins cannot coexist since they both try to read and modify the iPod's database at the same time. Please read the textbox in this step for further clarification.
    Warning dialog
  6. Now the installer copies all of ml_iPod's files to the Winamp Plug-in folder.
    Copy dialog
  7. Setup is complete and you may now choose whether or not to run Winamp and show the release notes.
    Finish dialog

Development Patches

ml_ipod is an extremely rapidly changing piece of software. The programmer is VERY responsive to new ideas and bug fixes. Thus, development patches are virtually released every day! For those who want the latest and greatest ml_ipod release, download it here

Note: Be sure you already have the Base installation before installing Development patches. Meaning, you must have iPod_Support_v2_04 before you can install iPod_Support_v2_04p41.exe

Windows 98 and ME

Windows 98 and ME do not have the appropriate drivers in order to view an iPod. Apple's own iPod Updater will not work in Windows 98 or ME. The following links should help in order to get an iPod working in 98 or ME:


Opening/Starting ml_iPod

Restore/Initialize Menu
Your iPod in the Media Library tree

Using the iPod media library plugin for Winamp is very easy. We designed it to be deceptively simple in appearance, yet powerful enough to entirely replace iTunes as your iPod management interface.

  1. Open Winamp.
  2. If you have not formatted your iPod, it may be necessary to format it. Right click on Winamp and go to Options and click on Preferences. Click on the iPod Support tab, select the drive letter that is assigned to your iPod, and click "Restore or initialize an iPod...".
  3. Right click on Winamp and click Media Library or press Alt + L. This opens a window with your Media Library.
  4. Navigate to the left hand side of the Media Library and click on the iPod in the "Devices" section. The complete contents of the iPod is shown in the right hand side now. All playlists are shown below the iPod entry on the left hand side.

Note: It may be necessary to double-click on the "Devices" entry first to display the subitems.

Ejecting iPod

Please do not disconnect the iPod while the "Do not disconnect" sign is on the iPod's display.

To safely disconnect the iPod, click the "Eject" button on the right-hand corner of the iPod view and wait for the "Do not discconnect" sign to disappear on the iPod.

Some settings, playlists, sort orders etc. are not written to the iPod before you hit "Eject"! So, if you remove your iPod from the computer without using the Eject button, some things might work, and others won't. Don't blame ml_ipod for this! Always use "Eject".

By the way, have I already mentioned? Always use "Eject"

There is also an "Eject" entry in the right-click menu of the iPod in your ML.

Since v2.03, ml_iPod ejects your iPod automatically when closing Winamp.

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