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Below is the Outline of different things that need to be worked on or watched after to make ml_ipod Wiki more complete. Feel free to edit this with your name around any particular section to claim responsibility for it. This will encourage an organized approach to maintaining a tight ml_ipod wiki.

Abu's note: Usually I will respond to technical questions in the forum, so it would be good if you could copy these answers to the corresponding sections here in the Wiki - after a little editing and adding of screenshots, examples etc... Thanks for your work on the Wiki!

  1. Music -Finished Re-modeling
  2. Video (Stupifier especially needs help modifying this section)
  3. Podcasts/Audiobooks (Stupifier especially needs help modifying this section, Updates needed Bad)
  4. Photos - frauhottelmann,pretty much done for features now working'
  5. ml_ipod unique Extra Features
    1. Title Formatting on iPod
    2. Last.fm (Stupifier Especially needs help Modifying this section)
  6. Configuring iPod (Every option in Config menu should be explained here) - bilbo, in works
    1. iPod Support
      1. Home
      2. Features
      3. Sync
      4. Autofill
    2. Audio & Video
      1. Cover Art - frauhottelmann
      2. Volume
      3. Folders
    3. Speech
      1. Podcasts
      2. Audiobooks
    4. Transfers
      1. Upload
      2. Download
      3. Logging
    5. Extras
      1. Photo Upload
      2. Last.fm
    6. About
      1. Version Information
      2. Support
  7. iPod Tools
    1. Refresh Album Art
    2. Sync Photos to iPod
    3. Add Missing Gapless Playback Data
    4. Backup
  8. Cross Compatibility with iTunes
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