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Copying Photos onto iPod

Photo Preferences

ml-iPod now supports photo upload to your iPod. To do so you need to install version 3.00 . IMPORTANT: ml_iPod will also delete all the pictures you had on the iPod before.

The screenshot on the right shows the preference page for photos. Photo upload only has to be activated and the photo folder has to be chosen. Then you can synchronize your photos with a click on "Sync photos to this iPod now." The two different options you can choose will determine how ml_iPod creates albums from your folders. The first option creates albums from the top folders, all other sub folder will be included. The second option will create an album from every folder found. Exceptions can be made with flags.

The Rotation option lets you choose how a picture, that is in portrait mode, will be uploaded. When the option is checked, photos in portrait mode will be rotated 90 degrees to fill the iPod screen. If it is unchecked, pictures will appear in portrait mode. The rotation does not effect the TV-out.

Photo iPod tools menu

To synchronize later it is also possible to right-click on your iPod in the media library then go to iPod Tools and click on "Sync photos to iPod..."

Gamma Correction settings for Photos

It is possible to make Gamma corrections for photos (only for TV-out). But this feature is a so-called "hidden setting" in the Winamp ini-file. Please make sure you only edit the file when Winamp is not running. Once you open the ini-file find "photoGammaAdj" (or add the line if it is not there, see Hidden settings).

The standard value is 0.9. Lowering the value makes it the photo appear darker, a higher value makes it brighter.

Flags to manage photo selection

Skip Flag

In order to skip a folder you just have to create a file with the name "skip.flag" in it and the folder and all sub folders are skipped, except there is a include flag in the folder :

Include Flag

If you want a sub folder not to be skipped, make a file with the name "include.flag" and place it in the desired folder.

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